What’s Confidence Got to Do With It?

by Nina on May 24, 2011

Having confidence and staying confident is a huge issue whether or not you have a job. When you’re between jobs it often becomes a challenge. Any time other people are judging you and can potentially reject you, your confidence is on the line. When your ability to support yourself and/or your family is at stake, it’s easy for your confidence to get shaky. When you’re facing losing your home, everything you’ve worked for, even losing your family — believing in your self is critical.

Confidence is Both About Doing and Being

Doing Confident is your outer confidence, what people see and hear when they’re with you. It’s your smile, the way you look, your eye contact, your posture, your firm handshake, the way you stand, move, greet people – all the outward manifestations of you. You can often fake outer confidence when you don’t feel it and sometimes faking it is the best you can do. In many instances you can get away with just doing confident, but for your own sake it’s best to both do and be confident.

Being Confident is your inner confidence. This one is harder to fake. It’s what people sense about you when they’re with you. How do you feel about yourself, your skills, your abilities, your talents, your value, or your life? Being confident is believing in yourself and feeling confident.

What’s the magic formula for feeling confident?

I suspect each of us has our own magic formula whether we realize it or not. Take a moment and remember a time when you felt incredibly confident, on top of your game, bulletproof, successful, as though you’d accomplished something BIG, or completed something that you’d struggled with and won. Take a moment and remember how you felt. Feel the feelings you felt at that time, and just enjoy them. That experience and the feelings you felt is the doorway to feeling confidence for you. When you need to access confidence, remember that experience and access those feelings.

Take a moment to look at what you did when you originally felt that feeling of confidence.
How can you do more of that?

Things You Can Do to Promote Confidence

Take good care of yourself: What do you need to do so you can feel and look your best? Be sure to do these things daily.

Remember what you’re good at. If you can’t, ask 5 people to tell you what they think you’re really good at. (You may be surprised at what they tell you.)
Once you know what you’re good at: How can you overplay these strengths to your advantage?

Address your weaknesses: Admit to yourself what you could be better at. How could you improve? What could you do this week to take the first step to improve on one of your weaknesses? After you’ve taken the first step, then take the next step, keep going until you’ve made all the improvements you need to. Then ensure that the improvements stick, create new habits if necessary.

Copy someone you think is (both outer and inner) confident. Think of a person you know who you consider very confident. How can you be more like this person (both outer and inner confident)? You can ask this person what they do to feel so confident. Start being more like this person.

Give yourself challenges, opportunities to accomplish things
– then achieve them. When you stretch yourself even a little bit and achieve what you set out to achieve you feel as though you’re making progress and you feel proud of yourself. Finish what you start and celebrate your achievements.

Work out regularly – after an intense workout when your endorphins are coursing through your system, you feel as though you can do anything! Work out regularly so that you can reap this and other benefits.

I’ve noticed that some people seem to find feeling confident a bigger challenge than others do. If you are one of these people, cultivate confidence daily by practicing the suggestions above. Better yet, develop your own confidence cultivating tactics and share them as comments.

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