Why Being the Author of Your Own Health is Key to Professional Success (Part 4)

by Nina on May 24, 2011

What you can do to Author Your Own Health So You Can perform like a Superstar at work and in the rest of your life?

First, notice the factors that could be eroding your health.


o Constant Stretch Goals or Aggressive Deadlines?
o Business Travel?
o The stresses and strains of the Global Workplace?
o Other Issues?

Off the Job Issues

o Home?
o Family?
o Juggling too Much?
o Other Issues?


o Shared germs?
o Ergonomics?
o Toxic Chemical and Hazardous materials?
o Toxic People?
o Other Issues?

Second, notice when and how you tend to get sick.

Do you tend to get sick right after you’ve completed a big project?
Or a week before it’s due?

Do you tend to get a migraine the day before a big presentation?

Do you tend to get sick every time your children bring something home?

Third, are you noticing some limits you have that you weren’t previously aware of?

Have you tackled too much simultaneously at work and at home?

Are there issues in your workplace that are having a bigger effect on you than you realized?

Are you noticing that business travel or another work activity is having an impact on your health?

Fourth, with your new awareness what changes can you make to counteract the health erosion?

Here are some possibilities:

If you find that you are getting sick every time your children bring something home from school or daycare, you may want to look at how much sleep you’re getting, your nutrition, and other ways of shoring up your immune system.

If you notice that you get severe repetitive strain issues the week before a deadline, what can you do to prevent this from happening each time?

If you find you have tackled too much simultaneously at work and at home, take a look to see if there any tasks that you can cut back on, or get help with.

The bottom line is that health is the foundation of your ability to live the life you want. Cultivating your health is the single most important thing you can do to create the foundation for your professional success.

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