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Monthly Coaching Packages

If you’re ready to work on a specific health issue, or want to be sure that you get plenty of regular treatments — this is your fast track to better health. With Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), more treatments usually means faster results. That’s why I make it easy for you to get plenty of regular treatments when you sign up for a monthly coaching package.

Give Your Face A Midlife Reboot: With Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

I’ll massage, smooth out and tone up your skin, to improve your beautiful appearance overall.  I call it the Midlife Facial Reboot, but truth is the hidden benefit of this enjoyable experience is that these treatments also benefit your whole body and your overall health. Because all external beauty begins on the inside of you, you’ll be advised about supplements and products to use to continue the work of the treatments at home. Treat your body, your face, your skin and yourself to this relaxing, rejuvenating 90 day experience!

My clients who have already treated themselves to the Midlife Facial Reboot experience tell me that they love the way they feel after each treatment, and that they are enjoying the way their skin, and the rest of their body feels now.

Want to Eliminate Depression, Anxiety, Cravings or Addictions Without Pharmaceuticals? 

Check Out The Midlife Mood Reboot

My new 90 day program The Midlife Mood Reboot, helps you push the reset button on your depression, anxiety, cravings or addictions. Based on the work of my mentor Julia Ross (author of The Mood Cure and The Diet Cure), you’ll learn and implement simple but powerful strategies which will get you back in charge of your body, your mind, and your life. You’ll eliminate what’s getting in your way and feel like yourself again. This program is for you if you find that cravings, depression, sleep problems or anxiety are getting the way of having the life you want.

My clients who have experienced the Midlife Mood Reboot are thrilled to see their depression lift, their cravings disappear, their anxiety dissipate, more energy, and better sleep.

Midlife Reboot Intensive

For out of town clients who want an intensive session with me to jumpstart a coaching program, join me for a half day prelude to assess where you are, develop your lifestyle formula, create our plan and launch the work we need to do together. Intensives include a treatment and herbal consultation. Ninety days of coaching is included with the intensive.

To get started with monthly coaching or any of the Midlife Reboot programs please Request a Strategy Session.


For women who are ready to “wow the world” in a whole new way. This is a series that invites you to create a whole new version of you: the healthy, attractive, confident, head turning version of you! Feeling invisible will be a thing of the past. You’ll learn secrets for feeling younger, sexier, more attractive and turned on at any age. You’ll build a magnetic personal style and discover secrets to being seen, heard and admired in any setting.


For women who want everything in Turn Heads After 50: all the information, the community, the support… And they want to spend a fantastic weekend at a high end venue in the San Francisco Bay Area with a small group of others like themselves. The Turn Heads After 50 Fast Track Retreat is a weekend full of pampering: personal attention, private coaching, amazing breakthroughs, multiple makeovers and beautiful photographs to showcase the results. Ready to treat yourself to new friends and an unforgettable weekend? Join us!


A Private One Day Version of the Turn Heads After 50 Fast Track Weekend Retreat Just for You!

It’s the Fast Track Weekend Retreat in one amazing day!
A day of personal coaching, breakthroughs, makeovers, planning and photographs with you as the center of attention. You’ll spend the day with me and some of my expert team. You’ll leave with a Master Plan, lots of personalized information and beautiful photos of the new you that is emerging. As a follow up to your amazing VIP day you’ll get 3 months of personal coaching from me to support you as you create the amazing midlife self you’re wishing for. You can have the body you’ve always wanted: attractive, healthy, fit, sexy. You’ll have more energy, more confidence, more balance — more of what you want in life. You’ll look and feel fantastic and confident in all situations.

VIP days are available by application only please Request a Strategy Session

Nina Price, LAc

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